How can we improve Checkvist?

Add more color options other then just red, green and blue.

3 colors just isn't enough. We are using this as a team, and we use the colors in multiple ways.

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  • Carson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love the idea of an addition 7,8,9 keys.

    However what I'd really love is to be able to change the colours in a nice UI and supportable way.

    I've come up with some Customised CSS ( that mostly does the job for 1-6, some of the areas aren't captured correctly (the background/foreground may not appear quite right), but I've got all the bits I have seen!

    It also lets you pretty easily tweak the tag colours too!

    span.fg1 { color: #ff0000 ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.fg2 { color: #00ff00 ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.fg3 { color: #0000ff ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg1 { color: #9500FF ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg2 { color: #ff00ff ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg3 { color: #FF8300 ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg1 a { color: #9500FF ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg2 a { color: #ff00ff ; background-color: inherit ; }
    span.bg3 a { color: #FF8300 ; background-color: inherit ; }
    div.coreDiv span.bg1 { color: #9500FF ; background-color: inherit ; }
    div.coreDiv span.bg2 { color: #ff00ff ; background-color: inherit ; }
    div.coreDiv span.bg3 { color: #FF8300 ; background-color: inherit ; }
    div.coreDiv span.afterTask.dueDate { color: #555 ; border: 1px solid #ddd; }
    div.coreDiv span.afterTask.dueDate.overdue { color: #ffffff ; background-color: #b10000 ; border-color: #b10000; }
    span.fg1 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    span.fg2 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    span.fg3 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    span.bg1 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    span.bg2 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    span.bg3 a.afterTask.assignee { color: #0980f4 ; }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_0,a.tagClass_0 { background-color:#eee ; color:#0980F4 ; border:1px solid #eee }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_1,a.tagClass_1 { background-color:#e0ecff ; color:#206cff ; border:1px solid #e0ecff }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_2,a.tagClass_2 { background-color:#dfe2ff ; color:#00c ; border:1px solid #dfe2ff }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_3,a.tagClass_3 { background-color:#e0d5f9 ; color:#5229a3 ; border:1px solid #e0d5f9 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_4,a.tagClass_4 { background-color:#fde9f4 ; color:#854f61 ; border:1px solid #fde9f4 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_5,a.tagClass_5 { background-color:#ffe3e3 ; color:#c00 ; border:1px solid #ffe3e3 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_6,a.tagClass_6 { background-color:#fff0e1 ; color:#ec7000 ; border:1px solid #fff0e1 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_7,a.tagClass_7 { background-color:#fadcb3 ; color:#b36d00 ; border:1px solid #fadcb3 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_8,a.tagClass_8 { background-color:#f9ffef ; color:#64992c ; border:1px solid #f9ffef }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_9,a.tagClass_9 { background-color:#f1f5ec ; color:#063 ; border:1px solid #f1f5ec }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_10,a.tagClass_10 { background-color:#5a6986 ; color:#dee5f2 ; border:1px solid #5a6986 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_11,a.tagClass_11 { background-color:#206cff ; color:#e0ecff ; border:1px solid #206cff }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_12,a.tagClass_12 { background-color:#00c ; color:#dfe2ff ; border:1px solid #00 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_13,a.tagClass_13 { background-color:#5229a3 ; color:#e0d5f9 ; border:1px solid #5229a3 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_14,a.tagClass_14 { background-color:#854f61 ; color:#fde9f4 ; border:1px solid #854f61 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_15,a.tagClass_15 { background-color:#c00 ; color:#ffe3e3 ; border:1px solid #c00 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_16,a.tagClass_16 { background-color:#ec7000 ; color:#fff0e1 ; border:1px solid #ec7000 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_17,a.tagClass_17 { background-color:#b36d00 ; color:#fadcb3 ; border:1px solid #b36d00 }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_18,a.tagClass_18 { background-color:#64992c ; color:#f9ffef ; border:1px solid #64992c }
    div.coreDiv .tagClass_19,a.tagClass_19 { background-color:#063 ; color:#f1f5ec ; border:1px solid #063 }

  • AdminKirill Maximov (CEO / Founder, Checkvist) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Mica,

    So far, you might want to use custom item styling as a workaround.
    I.e., Checkvist allows to style items having a particular tag (this is Checkvist PRO feature).

    For instance, you can setup Checkvist in a way that all items tagged #star will have yellow color.

    Some help on such list styling is available here:


  • Mica commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi! I come here to express how much i would love INTENSE YELLOW Highlighting!!!
    (the image that comes up to anybody's mind when you say highlighting: traditonal intense yellow)

    None of the existing colors (Red, Green, Blue) can replace Yellow! .. It has another .. energy i may say.. Items with red, blue or green background are opaque, i mean they are less legible/ readable, ... they don't stand out.. are not precise "High" "Lighted", lifted up for the human eye to catch them in a glance as intense yellow does so well.

    So i ask for Intense Yellow highlighting, please pleaseee! :)

    (And, plus, a pale yellow option would be also appreciatted, it would be useful to have both intense and pale.)
    What do you say Kirill?

  • chrisCV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Kir asked me comment on this request as I had a very similar one:

    My request differs in the detail that I would suggest to let us customize 3 colors that are mapped to the keys 7, 8 and 9. This way we would have the flexibility to use colors we like or that have special meenings for us.

    For us visual guys I made a mockup:

  • thinkdata commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it should be simple enough to allow this as a configurable item in the pro version, no? I thought it was!

  • Jon Edlund commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Consider the mockup in progress. I will provide my response after the mockup is finished and uploaded, that way you can get the whole picture in one post. Thanks again for keeping everyone up-to-date with this discussion.

  • AdminKirill Maximov (CEO / Founder, Checkvist) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    True, sometimes 3 colors is not enough. Initially, we wanted to map colors to keyboard shortcuts (1,2,3), and didn't want to complicate the interface with many options.

    Also, there is an implicit "order of colors" which we use for command "Sort by color" in checkvist - so the current 3 colors also may be used as priorities. If we add more colors, we'll have also to allow users to set their priority order.

    So, adding more colors is not that straightforward, and if you give us a mockup for the solution - that would be really helpful :)

  • Jon Edlund commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Checkvist has squashed the competition because they are coming up with innovative ways to help people stay organized, however I feel that it isn't too much to ask for users to have the option of blue or yellow. I just feel that it goes better in a powerpoint or word document. Please let me know your thoughts, as I will try to make a mockup of this concept.

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